Withdrawal from studies at IDS

Dear PhD Student!

Withdrawal from studies at a doctoral school is an individual decision of each doctoral student, often driven by professional or personal circumstances.

If you are considering resigning from education, we encourage you to read the most important information that may change your decision:

  • Pursuant to the Regulations of IDS, in the event of a dispute between a doctoral student and the supervisor, the doctoral student has the right to request the Head of the Doctoral School to initiate mediation with the participation of at least one representative of the doctoral students’ self-government.
  • A doctoral student may apply to the Head of the Doctoral School to change the supervisor or supervisors or to appoint another supervisor or supervisors.
  • In a special, justified case, at the joint request of the doctoral student and the supervisor or supervisors, the Head of the Doctoral School allow to update the individual research plan.


However, if your decision to withdaw has already been made, we answer the most frequently asked questions below:

  1. How do I formally submit my withdrawal? How does this process work?

Submit a statement on withdrawal from education to the Doctoral Students’ Office, addressed to the Head of the doctoral school (form available in files for download). As a result, the administrative procedure will be initiated. You will receive the decision on your removal from the doctoral student register by registered mail. (Make sure Doctoral School Office has your current mailing address.)

  1. Do I have to return my doctoral ID?

Yes. The ID card must be returned when submitting the statement on withdrawal.

  1. Do I have to return the scholarship I received?

No, the scholarship received is non-refundable.

  1. Can I re-recruit to the Doctoral School? What about the scholarship in this case?

Of course, you can apply to the doctoral school. However, remember that you will have to take part in the recruitment process.

Persuant to Act on Higher Education and Science: The total period of receiving a doctoral scholarship in doctoral schools may not exceed 4 years. This means that a doctoral student studying at a new doctoral school is entitled to the number of scholarships reduced by the number of scholarships they received at the previous doctoral school.


If you have any questions or concerns  we encourage you to seek the advice of Doctoral School Office’s employees.

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