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'The university serves knowledge, which means here to serve science in the broad sense. So conceived, the university in all its aspects is to be guided by the spirit of science, this spirit being decisive throughout university life.'
(Karl Jaspers, Idea of University, 1946)

Ladies and Gentleman,
Dear Students and Doctoral students,

The Doctoral School does not only mean a step towards your adventure with science but, more importantly, a step to your active involvement in the university intellectual life and creation of its ideas.  

The International Doctoral School of Medical University of Lodz is opening its doors in medical sciences and health sciences to all candidates who are successful in the qualification process.

We lift the language barrier and invite candidates from all over the world. While studying in Lodz, doctoral students will be provided with attractive development conditions and necessary financial support according to Law on Higher Education and Science, so-called Law 2.0.

The International Doctoral School of Medical University of Lodz offers a modern curriculum which was created by our academic staff in cooperation with our partners from foreign universities, research centres and Doctoral Student Government. It was designed as good preparation for scientific research, participation in academic life and international exchange.

The programme can be individually adjusted to a large extent as it offers a wide range of elective classes including offers by other schools e.g.  EIT Health (PhD Aging School).

I trust that our doctoral students will follow their scientific passion and complete their life plans while the obtained PhD degree will open a way to their professional career where knowledge, competence and solid research skills are indispensable.

You are most welcome to study in The International Doctoral School of Medical University of Lodzi and active participation in the University community life.

Prof. Lucyna Woźniak PhD, DSc
Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations Chairperson of MUL Scientific Council

About IDS

The International Doctoral School (IDS) of Medical University of Lodz is a general university unit reporting directly to the Rector. It was set up by the Rector’s decision on 28th February 2019. The recruitment to IDS is designed as an open competition of an international range on the basis of substantive criteria following reliable and transparent rules defined by the Senate. The recruitment procedures are conducted in English, which enables the candidates from all over the world to apply.  Place limits to IDS for specific scientific disciplines in which the education is provided are determined annually by the Rector on the basis of the applications for placement allocation submitted by the heads of the organisational units. The applications for doctoral placement allocation can be submitted by the units which are engaged in research projects and grants and whose employees who are potential doctoral supervisors have scientific achievements confirmed by high scientific scoring. The International Doctoral School provides excellent opportunities for education and scientific research to prepare doctoral students for their PhD degree in medical sciences and health sciences in three scientific disciplines i.e. pharmaceutical sciences, medical sciences and health sciences. IDS supports its doctoral students by creating favourable substantive, financial and organisational conditions for their independent research projects implementation, knowledge, social skills and competence acquisition so that they could face the challenges of professional and public life in compliance with ethical code. The education of doctoral students is based on the education programme and an individual research plan. The doctoral studies at the International Doctoral School are free of charge, they include 8 semesters and are completed with the submission of PhD dissertation. Educational programme of IDS does not only facilitate the development of research competence but it also teaches student how to exploit and disseminate the scientific research findings. The innovative and flexible design of the programme fosters doctoral students’ independence and its module structure facilitates individual research plans implementation. 3 modules are included in a 4-year cycle of doctoral studies. The first module involves obligatory classes for all the doctoral students, irrespective of the scientific discipline. Mandatory subjects which are discussed in a block-schedule classes include: Medical statistics, Fundamentals of Didactics, Legal protection of intellectual property, Commercialisation of scientific research, Scientific information, Legal conditions for medical experimentation, Ethical aspects of scientific research and the researcher code of ethics, Obtaining funds for scientific research, Structure of the scientific paper, Medical informatics, Principles of scientific research, English and OHS training. The second module consists of the issues of two practical aspects of scientific research. Following their individual interests, doctoral students can select molecular research or the issues related to the specificity of surveys, economic, psychometric or social research. The third module includes elective classes held as seminars of diverse subjects and adjusted to individual interests. The classes are conducted in small groups, which is particularly conducive to soft competences acquisition, honing language and communication skills as well as knowledge transfer skills i.e. discussion and presentation of scientific research findings. In each year of a 4-year education period the doctoral student has both the opportunity and an obligation to conduct or co-teach classes of up to 30 hours in the first year and 60 hours per year in subsequent years. The main objectives of the education at the International Doctoral School include: to prepare students for their teaching, research, research and development activities including work in international environments; to provide students with the skills to use the world scientific achievements, to identify and successfully address research issues, to design and implement scientific research, to promote the research outcomes in patents, scientific papers and presentations at scientific congresses; to help students acquire high research competence and autonomy, to foster independent planning of individual research career and facing the challenges in professional and public life in compliance with ethical code and responsibilities by European Charter for Researchers; to be actively involved in both national and international exchange of research experience and ideas. Within 12 months of starting education each doctoral student draws up an individual research plan including the schedule for the preparation of the doctoral dissertation. The research plan must be approved and is subject to mid-term assessment by the commission. 

The doctoral student at IDS receives a doctoral scholarship at the amount of PLN 3 500,00 gross, which after two years of education and receiving the positive mid-term evaluation increases to PLN 5 400,00 gross and is paid by law without the doctoral student having to submit any formal request or application. In addition, the best doctoral students may be awarded an increased scholarship on the basis of their achievements.

The International Doctoral School of Medical University of Lodz offers:

  • free education,
  • a doctoral scholarship four 4 years at the amount of PLN 3 500,00 gross before mid-term evaluation and PLN 5 400,00 gross after positive mid-term evaluation,
  • parental leave for doctoral students,
  • access to the IT centre,
  • accommodation at the hall of residence of Medical University of Lodz as well as a wide selection of commercial halls of residence,
  • higher doctoral scholarship for outstanding doctoral students 
  • access to library resources (e-library)
  • doctoral student ID Card

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Major scientific disciplines
The International Doctoral School conducts studies in the field of medical sciences and health sciences in the discipline of pharmaceutical sciences in accordance with the field and discipline in which the Medical University of Lodz has the right to confer doctoral and postdoctoral degrees.
Implementation Doctorate Programme
Implementation doctorate is an entirely new solution in postgraduate education. The programme allows the students to be employed full-time by a company and simultaneously work to obtain their PhD in another scientific entity (university, research institute) under two supervisors from both workplaces.
EIT Health Ageing PhD School
Medical University of Lodz is the only Polish medical school which belongs to knowledge and innovation community EIT Health as a Core Partner with a Three-star Reference Site status for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.
Programmes and contests
National Science Centre (Narodowe Centrum Nauki (NCN)) offers PhD students a wide range of financial support for basic research carried out with modern equipment or original methodology, as well as for international internships in research centres overseas.