Internationalization at home – training

We plan to organize an international panel of scientific and soft skills workshops in the English language with certificates of attendance. To garner the interest of the multinational environment, the school will invite world-class foreign researchers for each scientific workshop. Registration will be free of charge for international PhD students

and researchers as well as for MUL’s students. Date of the workshop will be associated to the annual evaluation of doctoral students to increase the process of PhD students’ research dissemination on site (all workshop participants can attend annual evaluation and hear about the doctoral researches, ask questions and network).

2022’s workshop “Safety and challenges in the post-COVID research area” will cover scientific areas such as diagnostics, public health, basic research and patient care in the area of infectious diseases. Researchers representing Lodz Academic Center for Virology will be invited as well as their international research projects partners.

2023’s workshop will be based on MUL’s flagship research area “Healthy Ageing” with the participation of the most prominent representatives from abroad.

2024’s “Biostatistics workshop” will be devoted to topics of medical statistics, health informatics and usage of big data in research. If possible, ONCOLAB and MOLecoLAB will be the workshop venues.

In 2024 we plan to create the International Summer School to gather PhD students and their foreign peers together. The subject of training will be based on introducing doctoral students into the model of Knowledge Triangle in Health Sciences. By connecting academics with R&D business opportunities and start-up development, we want to facilitate their entrance to the labor market after finishing doctoral school and empower their competitiveness there.

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