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Doctoral scholarship

  1. The doctoral student who is not a PhD degree holder receives a scholarship which is paid by law without the doctoral student having to submit any formal request or application.
  2. A total period of receiving a doctoral scholarship at doctoral schools cannot exceed 4 years.
  3. The period of time referred to in Point 2 does not include the education suspension period (at the request of the doctoral student, the education is suspended for the period equivalent to the duration of the maternity leave, the leave on terms of the maternity leave, paternity or parental leave, as specified in the Act of 26 June 1974 of the Labour Code)
  4. A monthly doctoral scholarship amounts to a minimum of:
    1) 37% of the professor’s salary, up to the month of a mid-term evaluation;
    2) 57% of the professor’s salary, after the month of a mid-term evaluation
    – moreover, the best doctoral students can receive a scholarship increased on the basis of their achievements.

    The Rector's ordinance set the following monthly doctoral scholarship for doctoral students studying at the International Doctoral School:
    1) PLN 2371,70 gross, up to the month of a mid-term evaluation;
    2) PLN 3653,70 gross, after the month of a mid-term evaluation.
    – The doctoral student holding a certificate confirming disability, certificate confirming their degree of disability or the certificate referred to in Article 5 and Article 62 of the Act of 27 August 1997 on the vocational and social rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons, shall receive the doctoral scholarship increased by 30% of the relevant amount:
    1) PLN 3083,21 gross, up to the month of a mid-term evaluation;
    2) PLN 4365,21 gross after the month of a mid-term evaluation.

  1. During the period of suspension of education, regulations on determining the amount of maternity allowance shall apply for the purposes of determining the amount of the doctoral scholarship, provided that the amount of the monthly doctoral scholarship, referred to in Point 4, due on the day of submission of the request for suspension shall be considered a basis for allowance.
  2. The doctoral student who submitted their doctoral dissertation before the date of completing education stipulated in the education programme shall receive the doctoral scholarship until the expiry of the education period, but for no more than six months.
  3. The doctoral student who, after the positive mid-term assessment, is employed on more than a half-time basis as an academic teacher or a researcher shall receive a doctoral scholarship.

The increased doctoral scholarship

  • Directive no.  93/2021
    of  31st August  2021
    issued by the Rector of the Medical University of Lodz
    on doctoral scholarship for doctoral students pursuing studies at the International Doctoral School of the Medical University of Lodz
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