See the full, step-by-step recruitment process

The recruitment procedure for The Doctoral School is based on the competition and its principles are defined in a resolution.  Recruitment, number of places available and the placement allocation in the organisational units are announced in the Rector’s ordinance by the dates specified in the recruitment schedule. The Rector’s ordinance will be made public on the University website and this will include the list of research topics suggested by the organisational units. You can apply for maximum one specified place available by selecting only one research topic.  

The recruitment procedure to International Doctoral School is composed of the following stages:  

I – Candidates submit the documentation required for the recruitment proceeding

  1. The candidate is obliged to submit to the recruitment committee, via The Office of Doctoral Studies, by the dates specified in the recruitment schedule, the following documents:
  • application for admission to the Rector, submitted via the Head of the Doctoral School; the application must include: personal data, research project topic, a signature of the future doctoral research supervisor as a confirmed consent to supervise the candidate’s PhD dissertation, the candidates education and scientific achievements; the application template is specified in Appendix No 2 (for Polish citizens) and Appendix No 3 ( for foreigners).
  • Original or a copy of the diploma of second-cycle or long-cycle MA studies or a certificate issued by the Dean’s Office confirming that you graduated from second-cycle or long-cycle MA studies and received Master of Arts or Master of Engineering or equivalent degree;
  • Certificate of grade point average of first-, second- or long-cycle MA studies or oversees courses graduated and recognised as equivalent to first-, second- or long-cycle MA studies;
  • A research proposal of up to three A4 pages in Polish or English, referred to in § 7 para. 3, with the opinion given by the Head of the Chair which includes the organisational unit employing the candidate’s potential doctoral supervisor; if the organisational unit is allocated outside the Chair structure or there is no Head of the Chair, the project is assessed by the Dean of the Faculty the given unit belongs to;
  • Proof of scientific achievements from the previous 5 years including their listing, particularly: copies of published scientific papers, conference presentations, diplomas of Students Scientific Societies or other scientific societies, Rector’s Awards for the best students and graduates or Minister’s Awards
  • Certificates of:
    • participation in students exchange programmes,
    • participation in the individualised course of study (ITS)
    • graduation from postgraduate studies,
    • completed or ongoing specialisation course (if applicable)
  • documents certifying the knowledge of additional modern foreign language (other than the language of the qualifying examination) (if applicable)
  • two current ID photos, (signed on the back)
  • if the candidate has a certificate of disability or the degree of disability or the certificate referred to in Art. 5 and Art. 62 of the Act of 27 August 1997 on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities, a copy of the certificate must be included.
  1. The candidate who is doing a PhD course at university is obliged to include in the application referred to herein (Part 1, point 1) the topic of the research project other than the topic selected for the doctoral studies and the doctoral supervisor other than the one supervising the candidates dissertation at the PhD course.
  2. The candidate referred to in § 5 para. 2 is obliged to submit the original or a copy of the diploma of first-cycle MA studies or first-cycle MA studies graduation certificate or certificate of the third year completion at long-cycle MA studies as well as the description of scientific accomplishments with the Dean’s opinion, the listing and copies of scientific papers, published or approved for publication, which pertain to the research conducted by the candidate.
  3. The candidate with a diploma confirming completion of higher education abroad, which, according to the provisions of the Act, is equivalent to relevant Polish education at second- or long-cycle MA studies or is recognised as such a diploma and professional title of Master of Arts or Master of Engineering or equivalent, are obliged to submit:
  • a legalised or Apostilled diploma,
  • a certificate of the nostrification procedure which determined the Polish equivalence of a foreign diploma and professional title (if required by the regulations)

All the documents in Polish shall be submitted with their English translation by a sworn translator.  

II – Verification of the submitted documentation
All the documents submitted by candidates in the recruitment proceeding are verified by the recruitment committee: the evaluation of last 5 years’ scientific achievements and GPA calculation are verified.

III – Qualification procedure

  1. written examination in English
  2. oral examination in the major subject taken in English – on the basis of the research proposal submitted by the candidate

IV – Enrolment into the list of doctoral students or receipt of administrative decision