Medical University of Lodz announces recruitment to the International Doctoral School for academic year 2020/2021.

Education at the International Doctoral School:

  1. includes 8 semesters and is completed with the submission of doctoral dissertation;
  2. prepares students to obtain a PhD degree in medical sciences and health sciences in the following scientific disciplines:
  • pharmaceutical sciences,
  • medical sciences,
  • health sciences;

The list of available positions allocated to organisational units of the International Doctoral School for academic year 2020/2021 can be found here: available positions

The recruitment procedure for the International Doctoral School is held by way of a contest following the principles set out in Resolution No. 360/2020 of the Senate of the Medical University of Lodz of January 30, 2020 regarding the recruitment rules for the International Doctoral School for the academic year 2020/2021 and is conducted in accordance with the recruitment plan established by the Rector by way of Regulation No. 43/2020 of May 18, 2020 regarding the recruitment plan to the International Doctoral School for the academic year 2020/2021.

Candidates are obliged to meet the deadlines specified in the recruitment plan.

The candidate who may apply for the admission to the International Doctoral School must be a relevant higher education school graduate who:

  1. holds a Master of Science or a Master of Engineering or an equivalent degree;
  2. obtained a written consent of the proposed doctoral research supervisor to oversee a PhD candidate’s work on doctoral dissertation;
  3. is not a doctoral student at any other doctoral school.

The candidate is obliged to submit to the recruitment committee, via The Office of Doctoral Studies, by the dates specified in the recruitment schedule, the following documents:

1) an application for admission to the Doctoral School, filed with the Rector through the Director of the Doctoral School, which should include in particular: personal details of the candidate, topic of the research project, signature of a proposed supervisor confirming their consent for scientific supervision of preparation of the doctoral thesis, information on education and scientific achievements of the candidate; the specimen form for candidates being Polish citizens is enclosed hereto as Appendix no. 2, and for foreign candidates – as Appendix no. 3;

2)  the original or a certified copy of the diploma of completion of a second-cycle or a unified long-cycle programme or a certificate of completion of a second-cycle or a unified long cycle programme and on being awarded the professional title of  Master or a Master of Engineering or an equivalent degree or an equivalent title issued by the dean’s office;

3) a certificate of the grade-point average obtained for a first-cycle and second-cycle programme or for a unified long-cycle programme or for programme of studies completed abroad and being regarded as equivalent with first-cycle and second-cycle programmes or a unified long-cycle programme;

4) an outline of the research project specified in paragraph 7 item 3, consisting of up to three A4 pages, approved by the head of the chair in which an organizational unit employing the proposed supervisor is located; if an organizational unit is located outside the chair structure or there is no head of the chair or the proposed supervisor is the head of the chair, the research project has to be approved by the dean of the faculty in which the unit is located;

5) documents confirming scientific achievements in the last five years, including a list thereof, in particular: copies of scientific publications, scientific meeting communications, diplomas confirming awards granted by the Student Scientific Society or other scientific societies, awards granted by the Rector to the best students and graduates or awards granted by the Minister;

6) certificates on:
a) participation in student exchange programmes,
b) pursuing studies under the individual course of studies,
c) completion of post-graduate studies,
d) specialization training completed or in progress– if a candidate holds such a certificate;

7) a certificate confirming knowledge of a second modern foreign language, other than English language – if a candidate holds such a certificate;

8) two recent and signed photos in the format specified for identification documents;

9) if a candidate holds a certificate of disability degree or a certificate specified in art. 5 and art. 62 of the Act of 27 August 1997 on Professional and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Disables Persons – a copy of the certificate,

10) a candidate, holding a diploma of studies completed abroad which, in compliance with the provisions of the Act, confirms education at the level equivalent to a second–cycle programme or a unified long-cycle programme in the Republic of Poland, or regarded as equivalent to a Polish diploma of completion of a second-cycle programme or a unified long-cycle programme and the professional title of magister, magister inżynier or an equivalent title, is obliged to submit:
a) a diploma which is authenticated or has an Apostille clause enclosed,
b) a certificate of recognition, under the recognition procedure, of the equivalence of the diploma with a relevant Polish diploma of studies completion and the professional title – if they are required under the law,

11) documents drawn up in a foreign language should be submitted along with sworn translation into Polish done by a certified translator,

12) foreigners are allowed to send scans of documents required in the recruitment proceedings with their Polish translation by e-mail, on condition that they are submitted within the dates specified in the recruitment schedule and the original documents are delivered to The Office of Doctoral Studies no later than one day before the date of the entrance examination in English. In this case, the date of the e-mail sent with the attached scans of all the required documents with their translation is considered as the date of the document submission.

The full set of documents shall be submitted in a signed white cardboard folder between 1 and 23 July 2020 after making a prior appointment at The Office of Doctoral Studies  by e-mail sent to:  with the following e-mail subject:  name and surname – IDS recruitment – appointment booking

Candidates are serviced individually, observing the principles set out in Regulation 48/2020 of 22 May 2020 of the Rector of Medical University of Lodz on the gradual lifting of restrictions on the activities of Medical University of Lodz related to prevention of the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus among members of Medical University of Lodz community.

Documents submitted after the aforementioned date will not be accepted  for recruitment procedures of The International Doctoral School.

More information on The International Doctoral School is available on
The Office of Doctoral Studies
Hallera Sqr.1, 2nd Floor, Room 236, 237
(customer service is provided from Monday to Wednesday 9.00-15.00 and Fridays 9.00-15.00)


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