Industrialization Potential of Optics in Biomedicine

An event you won’t want to miss!

Attend and/or submit your research for consideration: Present. Discuss. Learn.

We encourage you to consider attending in Industrialization Potential of Optics in Biomedicine conference I-POB 2020.

This event will bring opportunities for interaction between scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, including education on how to successfully run projects, start the company, and enter the global market.

The meeting will be especially instructive for junior researchers entrepreneurs and inventors interested in the development of novel imaging technologies.

After free registration, the participants have the opportunity to actively participate in the conference, allowing them to take part in discussions and the poster session. There is also the possibility of passive participation by watching streaming on Youtube and twitter platforms.

In case of presenting your work the submission will be reviewed carefully by a committee peers. Acceptance of your paper is a mark of professional excellence.


Meet some of our great speakers:

Nanolife SA, Switzerland

Yann Cotte


Morgridge Institute for Research, University of Wisconsin, USA

Melissa Scala


Harvard Medical, School, USA

Brett Bouma


Special abstract requirements (peer-review).

Due to the limitations of the online poster session formula, a limited number of submissions are available to be accepted. Therefore, the peer review process by the committee is introduced.

Submissions to this conference are due no later than 20 September 2020 and must include 2-page PDF summary (for committee review).



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Opublikowano: 7 September 2020