Credits for the academic year

Credits for the academic year in the International Doctoral School of Medical University of Lodz in Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Sciences

In order to obtain credits for the academic year, doctoral students are obliged to submit to the Head of Doctoral School:

  1. Individual research plan designed by the doctoral students in cooperation with the doctoral research supervisor(s) which was submitted for the approval by the Head of Doctoral Studies within 12 months of the studies commencement. Template of Individual research plan is set out in Appendix No 1 to the Regulations. If an assistant supervisor was appointed for doctoral procedures, the individual research plan is submitted after receiving the assistant supervisor’s opinion.
  2. Annual report on doctoral studies and certificates confirming the acquired/complemented knowledge, skills or professional qualifications.
  3. Doctoral performance evaluation charts electronically generated on University website within 14 days of the last class in the semester.

The report and evaluation chart must be submitted to the Head of Doctoral School by August 30.

The academic year is the credit period at the International Doctoral School.

In order to complete the academic year at Doctoral School at International Doctoral School students must obtain credits for:

  1. the courses and vocational training set out in the curriculum;
  2. research and advances in doctoral dissertation according to the timetable included in the individual research plan.

The crediting of the educational year is done by the Head of Doctoral School in the electronic doctoral student’s transcript.

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