Dear colleagues,

We invite you to TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE. The TMex Winter School 2020 edition consists of a 5-day online workshop. The course is intended for PhD students in the second half of their PhD, early postdocs and other young scientists involved in biomedical research.

For the first time, the course will take place online, allowing more flexibility while retaining its characteristic interactive and friendly atmosphere.

TMex – 5-day digital course – registration now open (30 slots available)
– October 26-30 2020

ADVANCE project 
E-learning course will be available in the fall free of charge, we will keep you informed.Face-to-face course will probably take place in 2021 and 2022.

Meanwhile, webinars are already taking place – and are all available on this site:

You can also follow the project on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Opublikowano: 26 June 2020