Programmes and contests

National Science Centre (Narodowe Centrum Nauki (NCN)) offers PhD students a wide range of financial support for basic research carried out with modern equipment or original methodology, as well as for international internships in research centres overseas. The offer is intended for the researchers such as e.g. project managers or members of research teams in the following funding schemes:

OPUS is dedicated to a wide range of researchers regardless of the stage of their scientific career. There is no cap on funding on an individual project. It provides a funding opportunity for research projects conducted in international, bilateral or multilateral, cooperation, as well as for the schemes undertaken by Polish research teams using large-scale international research facilities.
463 proposals submitted since 2011, 81 grant agreements signed.

PRELUDIUM is a funding opportunity intended for pre-doctoral researchers. You can apply for funding of up to PLN 70 000, PLN 140 000 or PLN 210 000 for research projects lasting 12 months, 24 months and 36 months respectively.
322 proposals submitted; 65 grant agreements signed.

HARMONIA is designed for researchers to carry out research in cooperation with foreign partners.  The cooperation involves direct collaboration with a foreign research institute, initiatives announced under bi- or multilateral cooperation or schemes utilising large-scale international research infrastructure. The 10th call of HARMONIA was the last one as the scheme was incorporated in OPUS scheme, which was expanded by the international perspective.
3 proposals submitted; 7 grant agreements signed.

ETIUDA is addressed at individuals without a PhD degree who are doctoral school students or have initiated PhD dissertation proceedings at a Polish institution authorised to award PhD degrees. The funding covers a scholarship and 3-6-month internship abroad.
21 proposals submitted; 9 grant agreements signed.

SYMFONIA for international research projects conducted by exceptionally established researchers who are engaged in top-quality, cross-domain research thereby contributing to new values and new research perspectives in science. For the project to qualify, research position for at least 4 PhD students (doctoral school students) must be provided.

PRELUDIUM BIS is intended for institutions operating doctoral schools. The objective of the scheme is to support PhD students education in doctoral schools and to fund research projects conducted by PhD students as part of their doctoral dissertations.  The project budget under PRELUDIUM BIS may cover funds for research up to PLN 180,000, doctoral scholarships and indirect costs. Under the call, research projects carried out over a period of 36 or 48 months will be funded.

PRELUDIUM BIS supports international mobility of PhD students who are obliged to complete a scientific internship abroad over a period of 3 to 6 months, funded by the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA).

Ministry of Science and Higher Education also offers financial support as scholarships for young and talented researchers with significant achievements in research activities. The scholarship is granted for a maximum of 3 years and in the 2019 call it amounted to max. PLN 5390 monthly. So far, Medical University of Lodz can boast 12 outstanding young researchers who have been awarded MNiSM scholarship (since 2011).

Doctoral students can also count on National Centre for Research and Development, which provides support and attractive research opportunities in projects comprised by programmes such as STRATEGMED or LIDER as well as interdisciplinary curriculum for PhD studies. MUL is currently operationalising 9 Strategmeds PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF CIVILISATION DISEASES, of a total of over PLN 22,5 million.

LIDER: The elite programme intended for the representatives of a selection of scientific fields. The main aim of LIDER is to activate young scientists and develop their competence in individual research planning, management and research team supervision when implementing projects whose outcomes are of practical application for industry. At the same time, the programme encourages the collaboration between young researchers and enterprises by facilitating the research of commercial and implementation potential as well as encouraging the mobility of researchers both within the science sector and cross-sectionally, between science and industry.

The application is submitted jointly with the Scientific Unit i.e. (public or private) research organisation which is engaged in research or scientific work. Within Lider programme one project of a total of over PLN 1 million has been completed at MUL.

Young researchers can also receive financial and developmental support in the programmes offered by Foundation for Polish Science. 

MUL is engaged in the implementation of TEAM programme, whose aim is to encourage young researchers to join in scientific work carried out by top Polish research teams and laboratories.  The programme was intended for research team leaders conducting international-level research and planning to include young researchers, i.e. students, PhD students and young doctors, in their teams. Maximum number of researchers in a team is 6 and the projects last for 2-4 years. The funds can be allocated to personal scholarships for research team members (PLN 1000 – 5000) and a research grant calculated according to the number of PhD students and young doctors in the team and actual cost of the project but not higher than PLN 35 000 a year per one PhD student and PLN 80 000 per one postdoc internship.

Alas, the Foundation is not planning further calls in TEAM programme. Nonetheless, on there are scholarship and job offers available for young researchers in the projects run by TEAM laureates. Currently, at MUL 4 out of 5 (1 already completd) research projects are being carried out within TEAM programme, totalling over PLN 36 million.

MUL PhD students also participate in programmes by National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). At present, there are 3 successful applicants who have been granted the scholarship of PLN  82 000 for 6 months in The Walczak programme. The joint initiative of NAWA and The Ministry of Health is intended for researchers in the fields of cardiology, cardiac surgery, oncology, allergology, diabetology, psychiatry and infectious diseases.  The Programme offers visits lasting between 3 to 6 months, with destinations being the best medical institutions located in the United States of America. Persons carrying out projects under the programme get an opportunity for scientific and professional development, as well as a chance to gain valuable experience by working with the international scientific community. The program is addressed to scientists holding at least a doctoral degree or working on their doctoral dissertation who:

  • are involved in research in the field of cardiology, cardiosurgery, oncology, allergology, diabetology, psychiatry or infectious diseases,
  • are employed, based on an employment contract, in Polish scientific institutes or clinical hospitals,
  • are doctoral school students or PhD students,
  • are fluent in English.

The applicants must also submit an invitation from the host institution and a list of recorded scientific achievements. The funding covers living allowance in the amount of PLN 12,000 per month, for each full month of the scholarship holder’s stay at the host institution and one-time mobility allowance amounting to PLN 10,000.

Doctoral students can also apply for one of the following:

The Iwanowska Programme, whose objective is to promote international mobility of doctoral students by enabling them to acquire scientific and teaching experience in foreign research and academic centres all over the world. Mobilities under the programme last from 3 to 12 months and they involve international scientific cooperation and implementation of research projects with world acknowledged researchers. Persons working on their doctoral dissertation in any of scientific or artistic fields may apply. The programme provides funding for the scholarship covering the scholarship holder’s expenses related to their stay in a foreign hosting institution as well as the mobility allowance.

CEEPUS Programme: Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies. The principal objective of the CEEPUS Agreement is to support the academic exchange in terms of education, student work placement and in-service academic teacher training. By providing funding for academic mobility, the agreement allows for intensification of cooperation between higher education institutions in different countries.

The CEEPUS programme offers:

  • short-term grants as part of Network mobility;
  • short-term grants as part of the ‘Freemover’ mobility;
  • short-term grants as part of the Summer Schools and Intensive Courses mobility.

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