Implementation Doctorate Programme

Implementation doctorate is an entirely new solution in postgraduate education.  The programme allows the students to be employed full-time by a company and simultaneously work to obtain their PhD in another scientific entity (university, research institute) under two supervisors from both workplaces.

The programme opens up a great opportunity for favourable cooperation between universities and business. Young researchers are given a chance to acquire practical knowledge and learn how to use expertise and exploit research results in business practice. Full-time employment and salary, along with ministry scholarship, are naturally of some importance here. Implementation doctorate programmes also provide a chance for companies to employ a gifted specialist who has already spent several years conducting research whose aims may coincide with the company’s targets.

MUL has been supporting science and business fusion for years by providing researchers with the best conditions and the most extensive resources possible.

Currently, at Medical University of Lodz there are 4 students participating in Implementation Doctorate Programme.

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