EIT Health Ageing PhD School

Medical University of Lodz is the only Polish medical school which belongs to knowledge and innovation community EIT Health as a Core Partner with a Three-star Reference Site status for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.

As a leading research centre in Poland, MUL can boast a unique ecosystem which integrates researchers, clinicians, academic teachers and students and provides an excellent basis in the shape of clinical hospitals and Clinical and Didactic Centre.

EIT Health Aging PhD School (Aging@EITHealth) is a pan-European collaboration of EIT Health academic and non-academic partners working to train a new generation of PhD specialists in gerontology, neuroscience and epidemiology while giving them solid innovation and entrepreneurship competencies.

The consortium includes accredited PhD programmes at nine European universities (i.a. University of Coimbra, University of Lisbon, Imperial College London, Trinity College Dublin) of solid and internationally acknowledged scientific competence in the relevant research   areas and recorded competence in top-ranked postgraduate training.

To qualify for the programme you must be registered at the doctoral school at one of the partner universities and comply with its academic requirements.

What ensures research excellence of Ageing@EITHealth doctoral school

  • High-quality courses in innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Exposure to EIT Health network, including research-based business incubators;
  • International mobility and co-supervision of their PhD thesis between universities, hospitals and companies;
  • Access to big data derived from early diagnosis, personalised health, population ageing, bioimaging, genetics, epigenetics, social profiling, health care systems and resource optimisation;
  • Training in innovation, entrepreneurship and business skills;
  • As part of the programme students receive 30 ECTS, including 15 ECTS as part of innovation and entrepreneurship activities and training internship 15 ECTS in international mobility at a partner university.

What we offer to students

  • Grants to support mobility schemes;
  • A PhD diploma from one of our partner universities;
  • A curriculum certified by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology for its excellent scientific education and innovation and entrepreneurship training (EIT label);
  • Access to EIT Health, Europe’s top network of academic and non-academic partners in the health sector;
  • Post-graduation access to EIT Health Alumni Network of graduates.

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