15 June 2021

Hot feedback

Immediate response and remarks after the Public Scientific Review Session in IDS MUL 9-10 of June 2021 Dear PhD Students, As…
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3 June 2021

Boloz-Kulesza Trust Fund – Call for Scholarship Applications

Call for Applications Academic Year 2021/22 Boloz-Kulesza Trust Fund Scholarship The Boloz-Kulesza Trust Fund was established some years ago by Mrs…
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6 May 2021

Young Researchers’ Innovative Ideas Conference: Invitation

Dear Sir/Madam, On May 27th-28th the 7th edition of the international scientific conference Young Researchers’ Innovative Ideas: Science | Start-Ups | Industry will…
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6 May 2021

From Scientists to Innovators for Industry – Invitation for recruitment

From Scientists to Innovators for Industry / SciFi – a new blended learning programme offered by Medical University of Lodz and EIT Health…
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6 May 2021

Upcoming workshop series

Centre for Medical Education invites all students to participate in our upcoming workshop series about global health, health professionals development and…
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13 April 2021

Invitation to Women in Science meeting with Prof. Carmen Sandi

Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to announce that Women in Science at Nencki in collaboration with ALBA Network is organizing a new event and you…
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26 March 2021

BUP for PhD Students

The Baltic University Programme have activities, grants and awards directed to PhD students and young scientists. Here you can description of…
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1 March 2021

Women in Science at Nencki/Yale – spotkanie z Eileen Pollack

Dear Colleagues, As Women in Science at Nencki (WISaN), an initiative advocating for gender equality and promoting the interests of female scientists,…
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23 February 2021

ADVANCE 5-day Workshop

ADVANCE 5-day Workshop will take place virtually in early May 2021. The workshop will be building on the knowledge of…
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15 February 2021

Запрошення на конференцію 2021!

Шановні колеги! Медичний факультет Харківського національного університету імені В. Н. Каразіна запрошує Вас 22-23 квітня 2021 року взяти участь у XVIIІ Міжнародній науковій…
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11 February 2021

Call for Applications Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund 2021/2022

Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund Scholarships Main Call for Applications Academic Year 2021/2022 Closing date: The scholarship deadline is 23:59 GMT…
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25 January 2021

Information meeting: EIT Health PhD Aging School

Dear Colleagues, we would like to invite you and all the community to participate in the i nformation meeting on the recruitment under the…
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18 January 2021

Online event “Your PhD in France”

The French Embassies in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia organize the first edition of the online event…
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10 December 2020

EIT Health Ageing PhD School – Invitiation for recruitment

A pan-European doctoral programme aiming to train a new generation of specialists in cell biology, biomedicine, neuroscience, epidemiology and gerontology with solid innovation…
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19 November 2020

Invitation to: Finals of the Dream Chemistry Award 2020

Dear Colleagues, We would like to invite you and all the community from the Międzynarodowa Szkoła Doktorska Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Łodzi to attend the…
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